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Ecotrust Board & Council

Ecotrust Board of Directors

Gerald Amos - Kitamaat Village, BC (06/12–12/15)
Spencer B. Beebe, Chair - Portland, OR (11/09–12/12)
Gun Denhart, Vice Chair, Executive Committee - Portland, OR (11/09–12/12)
Mark Edlen - Portland, OR (11/10–11/13)
Robert E. Friedman, Vice Chair, Nominations Committee - San Francisco, CA (12/11–12/14)
Ron Grzywinski, Treasurer - Chicago, IL (12/09–12/12)
Susan Hammer - Portland, OR (10/10–10/13)
William T. Hutton - San Francisco, CA (12/10–12/13)
Antone Minthorn - Adams, OR (12/11–12/12)
Nell Newman - Aptos, CA (12/10–12/13)
Kathryn Taylor, Vice Chair, Capital Committee - San Francisco, CA (12/10–12/13)
Dan Wieden - Portland, OR (12/11–12/14)

Chairs Emeritus
Robert Friedman
Cameron Healy
Jack Vaughn

Board Officers
Adam Lane, Assistant Treasurer
Ofelia Svart, Board Secretary

Ecotrust / Ecotrust Canada Council

Andrea Alexander - Seattle, WA
Richard Atleo - Nanaimo, BC
Gordon Baskerville - Vancouver, BC
Robert Bateman - Salt Spring Island, BC
Constance Best - Santa Rosa, CA
Clark Binkley - Portland, OR
Christopher C. Brand - San Francisco, CA
Stewart Brand - Sausalito, CA
Kay Brown - Anchorage, AK
Howard G. Buffett - Assumption, IL
John Castles - Portland, OR
Charles Collins - San Francisco, CA
Roberta Conner - Pendleton, OR
John Craighead - Missoula, MT
Sophie Craighead - Kelly, WY
Herman Daly - College Park, MD
Jack Dangermond - Redlands, CA
Wade Davis - Washington D.C.
David Denecke - Portland, OR
Dalee Dorough - Anchorage, AK
Suzanne E. Edison - Seattle, WA
Amos Eno - South Freeport, ME
John R. Evans - Toronto, ON
Kathy Fletcher - Seattle, WA
Jerry Franklin - Seattle, WA
John A. Fraser - Vancouver, BC
Robert E. Friedman, San Francisco, CA
Jhon Goes In Center - Ft. Collins, CO
Michael Harcourt - Vancouver, BC
David Harrison - Seattle, WA
Thom Henley - Queen Charlotte City, BC
Carsten Henningsen - Portland, OR
Mary Houghton - Chicago, IL
Richard Jaffe - Portland, OR
Leslie S. Jones - Philadelphia, PA
John Kitzhaber - Portland, OR
Jacqueline Koerner - Vancouver, BC
Julie Lewis - Portland, OR
David Martin - Vancouver, BC
Tom McGuane - McLeod, MT
Peter Meehan - Santa Cruz, CA
Gary Miranda - Portland, OR
Frederick F. Moon - San Francisco, CA
Robert Naiman - Seattle, WA
Stephen Owen - Vancouver, BC
Alan Parker - Olympia, WA
George Patterson - Tofino, BC
Dr. Daniel Pauly - Vancouver, BC
T. Lester Purce - Olympia, WA
James Quinn - Keauhou, HI
David Rockefeller, Jr. - Boston, MA
George Russell - Tacoma, WA
Michael Sands - Grayslake, IL
Peter Seligmann - Washington D.C.
Dylan Simonds - Mill Valley, CA
Samuel D. Skaggs - Juneau, AK
Leon Smith - Chicago, IL
Nicholas Sonntag - Vancouver, BC
Jeff Sullivan - Seattle, WA
Karie Thomson - Woodside, CA
Eric Utne - Minneapolis, MN
Carl Walters - Vancouver, BC
Peter Warshall - Tucson, AZ
Greg Watson - Roxbury, MA
Charles Wright - Seattle, WA

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