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Principles of a Resilient World

Ecotrust and its affiliates rely on certain key principles as a framework for action. These principles distill the lessons of our shared experiences and serve to define the steps which must be taken on our journey towards a resilient world. Striving to balance the needs of environment, economy, and society — our work in both rural and urban areas is characterized by these principles.


Maintain and restore ecosystem health.

Promote compact cities and towns.

Preserve biological diversity.


Increase resource efficiency.

Reduce dependence on non-renewable resources.

Reduce dependence on synthetic substances that accumulate in nature.

Choose products and suppliers consistent with the other principles.

Turn waste into a resource.

Support policy changes that assign actual social and ecological costs and benefits to goods and services.


Meet fundamental human needs and provide diverse economic opportunities for all.

Improve the resilience of individuals, businesses, and communities in responding to economic transitions.

Provide broad access to knowledge, particularly of place and natural systems, while preserving cultural diversity.

Diversify local economies.

Promote the accountability of businesses and government agencies to local communities.

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Principles of a Resilient World

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