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2004 Annual Report


2004 Annual Report Fourteen years ago a small group of people founded Ecotrust to explore new territory. In our first strategic vision statement we said, “Acknowledging humankind as an inseparable part of the natural world, Ecotrust proposes a new alliance between conservation and development. We called it “conservation-based development in the rain forests of home.” We quoted Aldo Leopold who, more than fifty years ago, urged a change in “the role of Homo sapiens from conqueror of the land-community to plain member and citizen of it.”

Little did we know that from the idea of citizenship would come such a powerful beginning. Today we use “Building Salmon Nation” to describe our work as we pursue three core goals:

Citizenship in Salmon Nation means living in an ancient, evolving place, one defined by very particular environmental characteristics of the land. As citizens with a sense of place we can leave our home better or worse off depending on the choices we make as individuals, families, and communities. If we choose thoughtfully, we can encourage a kind of land-community forestry, fishing, farming, ranching, energy and urban development that builds a prosperous and equitable economy and restores wild Pacific salmon as well. The health of salmon is an icon of a larger wisdom.

In our 2004 annual report, we describe some of the results of fourteen years of ambitious effort and the generous support of thousands of people. Whether you live inside or outside the bioregion, our thanks for being a conscious citizen of Salmon Nation.

— Robert E. Friedman and Spencer B. Beebe

2004 Annual Report
8½ x 11 inches, 24 pages
Download the 2004 Annual Report (8.7mb pdf)

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