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2005 Annual Report


2005 Annual Report The family of Ecotrust and ShoreBank organizations was recently reflecting on what we had learned from the Vivid Picture project we helped complete last year and discussing our strategies for going forward. “A place is defined, not by geography, but by events,” said Ecotrust board member and salmon biologist Jim Lichatowich, adding that the event that has defined this region for thousands of years is the return of the salmon. The point is well made. Currently, we are trying to imagine what a vivid picture of Salmon Nation one generation hence might look like and backcast to today to frame key investments that will have the most leverage. Ecotrust favors the idea of Salmon Nation, that people might celebrate the recovery of wild salmon to the Pacific Northwest in a way that improves the prospects of both people and place.

We are thinking about how to grow the idea of Salmon Nation, supporting tangible expressions of its success and continuing to support growing constituencies as Ecotrust enters its fifteenth year in 2006. The family is growing up as well. ShoreBank Pacific, ShoreBank Enterprise Pacific and Ecotrust Canada have all celebrated their tenth anniversaries. We are over 100 staff and $150 million in assets strong and systematically invest in improving social, economic, and environmental conditions in the place we call home.

— Cameron Healy and Spencer B. Beebe

2005 Annual Report
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