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2006 Annual Report


2006 Annual ReportWas 2006 the year we all turned green?

“Green,” writes New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, “is the new red, white and blue.”

There are few greener ecosystems or economies than those here in the temperate rain forests of North America, the fertile source of our inspiration to build a conservation economy in Salmon Nation.

In the end, a reliably prosperous economy must be based on nature’s principles, the ones that guide both ecological and economic development, as author Jane Jacobs has said.

At Ecotrust, we believe it is not possible to continue to grow the global economy at the expense of the environment or of a widening disparity between rich and poor. “Global heating” is James Lovelock’s suggestion that “warming” is too benign a description of the environmental and socioeconomic changes to come.

The industrial economy, an artifact of cheap oil, is over. An explosion of new thinking and investment is underway. Twenty percent of private equity, according to The Economist, is being invested in renewable energy. Socially responsible investing, community development finance, green building, slow food, natural forest and fisheries management, indigenous rights, valuing ecosystem services such as clean water, biodiversity and carbon sequestration: These are all movements in their own right — pieces of a renewal that form the largest social movement in history, writes Paul Hawken in his new book, Blessed Unrest.

Since Ecotrust’s founding sixteen years ago, our modest accomplishments have encouraged us to think about this larger movement of movements. We are trying to paint a vivid picture of how we might prepare for global change. We have long believed that organizing ourselves around natural boundaries of watersheds and bioregions will encourage this kind of movement building. This is the idea we call Salmon Nation.

— Cameron Healy and Spencer B. Beebe

2006 Annual Report
8½ x 11 inches, 28 pages
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This publication was printed on New Leaf Imagination 100 paper, a 100% recycled fiber stock that is FSC-certified and manufactured entirely with renewable energy. Ecotrust saved the following resources by using this paper: 19 fully grown trees | 8,028 gallons of water | 13 million BTU energy | 888 lbs. solid waste | 1,754 lbs. greenhouse gases.

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