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2007 Annual Report


2007 Annual ReportIn 2007 — our 17th year — Ecotrust did something new.

We engaged the Matale Line, a strategic communications firm based in Seattle, Washington, to talk with board, staff, partners, donors and citizens of Salmon Nation. They held a mirror up to Ecotrust. Who are we? What do we do best? How do we articulate the essence of this growing organization, engaged in the tangled web of social, economic and environmental concerns?

“Innovate. That’s what you do best,” they said. “No organization combines think-tank and do-tank the way you do. You helped invent the world's first environmental bank. You worked with the Haisla First Nation to protect the magnificent 800,000-acre Kitlope River rain forest, supported the transition from an industrial to a conservation economy in Clayoquot Sound, and helped create Ecotrust Canada in British Columbia. You did the first LEED Gold green historic restoration in the U.S. with the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, created a generous community brand called Salmon Nation, and launched the first forest ecosystem investment fund with Ecotrust Forests LLC.”

What we do best, they said, is “create, capitalize and catalyze” opportunities for innovation in the region we call home — but in ways that can be applied worldwide. In this mirror, this new way of talking about Ecotrust’s work, we gained a fresh perspective on our long history of commitment to place, brokering capital and expertise, building replicable models, and integrating data to create meaning.

These are the stories that we feature in this year’s Annual Report.

According to The Economist, the best definition of innovation is “fresh thinking that creates market value.” Well, information technology-led innovation has certainly created enormous market value for people engaged in the global knowledge economy.

But the real challenge of fresh thinking is to address the mutually reinforcing intersection of market, social and environmental value. And that is precisely what Ecotrust does — with the extraordinary support of our devoted board, staff, council, donors and partners.

— Cameron Healy and Spencer B. Beebe

2007 Annual Report
8½ x 11 inches, 20 pages
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Colophon: This publication was printed on New Leaf Imagination 100 paper, a 100% recycled fiber stock that is FSC-certified and manufactured entirely with renewable energy. Ecotrust saved the following resources: 20 fully grown trees | 8,631 gallons of water | 15 million BTU energy | 955 lbs. solid waste | 1,886 lbs. greenhouse gases.

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