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2009 Annual Report


2009 Annual ReportIn 2009 our board encouraged Ecotrust to grow rather than buckle under constraints of a global financial crisis.

We expanded partnerships that promise to take better care of our distinctive and unusually productive farm, ranch, forest and Pacific Coast ecosystems. With our partners, we took tangible steps toward a creative economy that attracts educated young people away from a tired industrial economy dependent upon cheap oil. Today, we continue our search for opportunities that build on the bioregion’s natural competitive advantage — storing more blue (marine) and green (terrestrial) carbon, mitigating climate change, improving water quality, and rebuilding healthy soil and wild salmon returns.

Our work this year was made possible through an extraordinary range of partnerships and your generous support. That support allowed us to create a new online local food marketplace called FoodHub, find new investors for Ecotrust Forests, continue support for dozens of whole watershed restoration initiatives throughout the Pacific Northwest, and deliver new research tools to create marine protected areas that support both fish and fishermen.

We produced the best financial and programmatic results in Ecotrust’s history. Revenue was up by more than 60 percent, including additions of over $6 million to our working endowment, the Natural Capital Fund. We continue to generate significant revenue from earned income, contracts, and consulting. We cut costs but did so without laying off staff.

Please explore with us. We hope you will read more in this report and on our multimedia websites, and we welcome your thoughts. Here's to a future full of reliable prosperity.

— Gun Denhart, and Spencer B. Beebe

2009 Annual Report
8½ x 11 inches, 32 pages
Download the 2009 Annual Report (1.4mb pdf)

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