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2010 Annual Report


2010 Annual ReportThe history of Ecotrust is a story of innovation, adaptation, and evolution. From the coastal temperate rainforest of North America to the grassland savannah of North Australia, Ecotrust’s evolution has taken us unexpectedly to places halfway around the globe.

Now, in our 20th year, we’re reflecting on where we’ve been and what we’ve learned. In September 2011, we will convene leaders of innovative regional initiatives from around the world to share experiences in an effort to connect, not protect, ideas and stories that have emerged over the past two decades.

To prepare for such a humbling undertaking, we take a 20-year look back, and a hopeful look forward, at our way of bushwhacking through the social, economic, and ecological landscape — a journey of innovation, investment, and inspiration in our own bioregional home.

2010 Annual Report
8½ x 11 inches, 36 pages
Download the 2010 Annual Report (4.7mb pdf)

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