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2011 Annual Report


2011 AR coverOld ways are failing. Our outdated model of industrial development is creating too few jobs, failing to reduce the disparity between rich and poor and continuing to degrade the natural systems upon which we depend.

With every crisis comes opportunity, what Jane Goodall likes to call “reasons for hope.” The world is full of winning ideas — innovations that can be scaled to build a more natural model of development. A new economy that restores nature and invests in people and the distinctive natural characteristics and social fabric of the places we live is a better way forward. The opportunity before us is to imagine a more resilient system, not just adaptive to the turbulent times we live in but influencing the changes still to come.

After twenty years of work focused within our home region from Alaska to California, we are looking outward, aiming to inspire and to be inspired by people around the world to innovate and invest in a more natural model of development in the places we live.

Two decades ago, on the eve of the first United Nations Earth Summit in Rio, we felt that “sustainable development” had to start with us, in the rainforests of home. Now, as RIO +20 convenes, we’re eager to share Ecotrust’s powerful examples of institutional innovation and experimentation. The new economy starts here.

2011 Annual Report
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