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Dr. Astrid Scholz
Executive Vice President
Ecotrust, Portland, Oregon
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Ecotrust projects of special interest:

Life Cycle Assessment of Salmon Fisheries and Aquaculture in the North-East Pacific, Marine Life Protection Act Initiative, Center for the Applied Study of Economics and the Environment, Ocean Communities 3E (Equity, Ecology, Economy) Analysis Network, Ecotrust Consulting Initiatives, Bioregional Visioning Project.

Areas of professional expertise:

Ecological economics, fisheries management, seafood harvest from production to consumption, participatory research, interactive mapping, socioeconomic tools for reliable prosperity.

Dr. Astrid Scholz is Ecotrust's Executive Vice President. In this role, she manages a variety of projects that link the social, economic and ecological systems of the bioregion. Scholz oversees a staff of thirteen that is responsible for Ecotrust's analytical, technical and interactive map-making capacities. She also works at Ecotrust as an ecological economist and consults with numerous natural resource organizations, government agencies and businesses. Scholz is the co-editor of a book on integrated marine geographic information systems, Place Matters.

Under Scholz's guidance, the Knowledge Systems program offers a wide range of research and analysis services. In addition to fee-based consulting and project management, the program offers training and workshop services to a diverse group of clients. The program staff has also designed generic analytical software and tools that take into account the economy, ecology and equity when envisioning new sustainable market infrastructures for the bioregion.

In February 2007, Scholz moderated an American Association for the Advancement of Science symposium on Sustainable Seafood: Cradle-to-Grave Assessments of Alternative Technologies. This symposium focused on the use of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to evaluate the environmental and socioeconomic sustainability of seafood production from harvest to consumption. LCA is a well-established methodology for assessing the environmental impacts of a product, process or service throughout its entire life cycle.

Scholz served as a member of the California Marine Life Protection Act Master Plan Science Advisory Team to the California Department of Fish and Game from December 2004 to November 2006. As part of this process, Ecotrust collected, compiled and analyzed socioeconomic information pertaining to commercial fisheries on the central coast of California.

Scholz serves on the Steering Committee of the Economics for Equity and the Environment (E3 Network), a network of economists who are developing and applying practical economic analysis to support the protection of human well-being and the natural environment. Ecotrust provides fiscal sponsorship for the E3 Network.

Since 2003, Scholz has served as an affiliate faculty member of Oregon State University's Marine Resource Management Program in the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences. She has also served as a guest lecturer at numerous universities including the University of British Columbia, University of San Francisco, University of Alaska (Fairbanks/Juneau), Oregon State University and University of California (Berkeley).

Scholz currently serves on the boards of the Pacific Marine Conservation Council, Living Oceans Society and Habitat Media. She is a member of the State of the Salmon Governance Committee and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary's Marine Protected Areas working group. She also served as a Scientific Advisor on two award winning PBS documentaries produced by Habitat Media, Empty Oceans, Empty Nets and Farming the Seas.

Scholz received her M.A. in Economics and Philosophy from the University of St. Andrews, her M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Bristol, and her Ph.D. in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley.

Publications include:

Scholz, A. J., C. Steinback, M. Mertens. April, 2006. Commercial Fishing Grounds Off the Coast of Central California, Report to the California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative, Contract No. 2005-0067M, April 2006, 39 pp.

Wright, D and A. J. Scholz, Eds. 2005. Place Matters – Geospatial Tools for Marine Conservation, Science, and Management in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon State University Press, Corvallis.

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