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Brent Davies
Vice President, Forestry and Ecosystem Services
Ecotrust, Portland, Oregon
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Ecotrust projects and partnerships of special interest:

Whole Watershed Restoration Partnership, NW Sustainable Timber Growers, Siuslaw Watershed Restoration Initiative, Forest Market Opportunities, Salmon Anchor Habitat Conservation Strategies, Ecological Priorities Mapping Tool.

Areas of professional expertise:

Watershed restoration, conservation strategies, community economic development, ecological prioritization, forest management, community-based restoration, stewardship collaboration, Forest Stewardship Council certification.

Brent Davies is Ecotrust's Director of Forestry. In this role, Davies oversees the management of the Forestry Program's various initiatives, which include Whole Watershed Restoration, Market Connections, Tribal Forestry, and Ecosystem Services. She works with dozens of community groups, public and private natural resource and economic development organizations, and Tribes in the Pacific Northwest.

She coordinates the Whole Watershed Restoration Partnership, a diverse public/private partnership working to restore and protect natural ecosystem processes at the watershed level. The goal of the partnership is to increase the capacity of communities to restore naturally functioning watersheds while stimulating local economies. In cooperation with the USDA Forest Service, Davies secured a three-year grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Community-based Restoration Program. The $400,000 for the first year will be invested in high-priority basins in Oregon and Washington.

In 2004, Davies obtained a $1 million grant for the Siuslaw Watershed Restoration Initiative, which was selected as one of fourteen targeted watersheds by the Environmental Protection Agency. In association with the Siuslaw Basin Partnership, Ecotrust works to develop and implement a whole-basin watershed restoration, evaluation and economic development project.

In 2006, Davies worked with the Siuslaw National Forest and interested community members to form the Mary's Peak Stewardship Group. The public/private collaborative works to enhance the forest and watershed health of the Mary's Peak area through stewardship, restoration, conservation and education projects. Davies works to promote community forest management throughout the Pacific Northwest.

For the past five years, Davies has worked with the Northwest Sustainable Timber Growers, a cooperative of non-industrial family forestland owners. She helps to coordinate their efforts in conservation-based forest management practices. These efforts include projects to group their forest products and services, connect them to markets and better take advantage of economies of scale.

In 2004, Davies worked with Ecotrust staff to create a tool to help the Whole Watershed Restoration Partnership evaluate its ecological prioritization efforts in Oregon and Washington coastal watersheds. The prioritization tool has been used to create 406 online maps, allowing partners to analyze basins based on various restoration and conservation goals.

From 2004 to 2005, Davies served as one of two conservation representatives on the Oregon State Forest Advisory Committee to the Department of Forestry. In this position, she worked to promote an increase in the department's conservation practices and a whole-landscape perspective in forest management.

Davies joined Ecotrust in 2000 to direct the Lower Columbia Fisheries Program and to promote the restoration of salmon runs in the coastal Pacific Northwest region. Ecotrust, along with Oregon Trout and the Wild Salmon Center, created a salmon anchor habitat strategy for the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests. Davies worked to encourage the Department of Forestry to adopt the conservation strategy.

Earlier that year, Davies came to Ecotrust as a Patagonia Fellow to research and evaluate community-driven environmental educational programs. This project was derived from her experience at Sea Resources, a non-profit watershed learning center in Chinook, Washington, where she was the Executive Director of from 1998 to 2000. During that time, she implemented a watershed restoration plan written by stream ecologist Dr. Charles Dewberry to transform the oldest fish hatchery in the state into a tool to restore native fish populations. Davies also succeeded in transforming the traditional vocational education program at the hatchery into a field-based biology, ecology, and GIS program, in which students participated in the steps towards ecological restoration and salmon recovery.

Davies has given numerous presentations about forestry in the Pacific Northwest; carbon and other ecosystem service market opportunities; salmon recovery; strategies for ecological forest management; and the Pacific Coast Watershed Partnership's priorities tool. At the Oregon Family Forest Symposium in April 2007, Davies gave a presentation about conservation-based strategies for Pacific Northwest forest management. She led attendees through the changing landscape and provided information on new opportunities, including FSC certification, carbon credits and family forest cooperatives.

Davies currently serves as treasurer on the Board of Directors of the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District. She serves on the Board of Directors of Growing Gardens, a nonprofit in Portland that offers programs for low-income residents and youth to learn how to grow vegetables at home. Davies also co-manages her family's forestlands in Clatsop and Wallowa Counties.

Davies received her M.S. in Ecosystem Analysis from the College of Forest Resources at the University of Washington, and her B.A. in Environmental Science and Conservation from the University of California, San Diego.

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