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Ecotrust Consulting Initiative (ECI) offers a wide range of consulting services specific to GIS data collection and analysis, economic analysis, policy analysis, and application/software development. Combining the expertise of Ecotrust’s core professional staff with that of a network of partners and specialists, we provide tactical and timely solutions to 21st century natural resource challenges.

ECI services the software and analytical needs of organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals seeking opportunities to improve social equity, environmental integrity, and economic security. Our experts can also advise on the innovative use of capital, technology, knowledge, and new business models to drive social impact. ECI services include:

Recent clients include the World Wildlife Fund, City of Seattle, Metro, Multnomah County, Oregon, The Nature Conservancy, Oregon Wild, Bureau of Land Management, and the Wild Salmon Center, among others.

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Forests & Ecosystem Services

Knowledge Systems

A Landowner's Guide to Forest Carbon Offsets

Marine Consulting Initiatives


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Economic Risks of the Morrow Pacific Project: Livelihood, Habitat and Recreation
This briefing demonstrates that far from being a “clean” project, Morrow Pacific would jeopardize vital, valuable economic, cultural and ecological resources throughout Western Oregon, including salmon habitat, recreational, scenic and cultural values.(589kb pdf)

Assessment of Conservation Priorities in Cascadia
Ecotrust's assessment of the Cascadia bioregion helped a client develop a long-term strategy for conservation investment. (140kb pdf)

Inventory and Mapping for Metro
Ecotrust developed for Metro a comprehensive GIS model to identify potential natural areas. (156kb pdf)

Sandy River Basin — Bull Run GIS
The City of Portland Bureau of Water Works contracted Ecotrust to develop a comprehensive geographic information system (GIS) of the Sandy River Basin. (136kb pdf)

South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve Protected Area GIS
The South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve sought Ecotrust's assistance in establishing geographic information system (GIS) capabilities to support research and management of the Reserve. (148kb pdf)

Market Assessment for Coco-Geotextiles and Coco Growing Media Products
Ecotrust assisted FSSI in identifying and screening potential distributors, and provided advice and guidance in structuring and negotiating supply and distribution agreements. (32kb pdf)

Tualatin River Watershed Information System and Analysis CD-ROM
Ecotrust conducted a needs assessment and designed a comprehensive geographic information system database for the Tualatin River Watershed: the Tualatin River Watershed Information System. (116kb pdf)


Kristen Sheeran
Vice President,
Knowledge Systems
Economics for Equity and the Environment Network (E3)
tel: 503.467.0811
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Mike Mertens
Director of Spatial Analysis and GIS Manager
tel: 503.467.0775
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