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Copper River Strategy Group

Copper River and Mt. SanfordThe Copper River Strategy Group (CRSG) is made up of stakeholders of the Copper River watershed who have an interest in the status and well-being of the Copper River Basin. The CRSG focuses on issues related to salmon and salmon habitat, water and in-stream flow reservations, and development-associated impacts within our watershed. The CRSG meeting is open to all stakeholders of the Copper River watershed and the input and ideas of all is welcome.

The CRSG meetings serve to:

For the past five years, Ecotrust hosted the Copper River Workshop Series (CRWS) and the Copper River Strategy Group(CRSG) meetings. The CRWS was a series of two large workshops, hosted in Anchorage, that brought agencies, Tribes, Alaska Native corporations, non-government organizations, and other stakeholders together to discuss the status of Copper River salmon and salmon habitat. We received positive feedback on the workshop series, but folks requested that meetings be smaller and hosted in the Copper River watershed. As a result, since 2007, Ecotrust and other partners have hosted the bi-annual Copper River Strategy Group meetings in various locations throughout the Copper River watershed.

As of 2010, Ecotrust will no longer host the CRSG meetings, but provides financial assistance to an organization, or group of organizations, to host the next four meetings. The next meeting will be hosted by the Native Village of Tazlina, the Cheesh’na Tribal Council, and the Copper River Watershed Project in the Spring of 2011 (meeting date will be set in early 2011).

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April 20, 2011 meeting


Nov. 16-17, 2010 meeting

Meeting Materials

Meeting Presentations
Youth Environmental Education
Managing the Copper River Commercial Fisheries
The Role of Cordova District Fishermen United in Copper River Commercial Fisheries Management
The Gulkana Sockeye Salmon Hatchery in the Copper River Watershed
Update on Culvert Restoration Work within the watershed Part I
Update on Culvert Restoration Work within the Watershed Part II
Trans-Alaska Pipeline Citizensí Oversight
Chinook Salmon Mark and Recapture Study
• Wind Energy Feasibility Study

Nov. 23-24, 2009
meeting notes (694kb PDF)

June 4-5, 2009
meeting notes (84kb PDF)



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