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Envisioning a Sustainable Food System in California

The California food system is vast, and plays a significant role both globally and nationally. Yet the industry is suffering economically, rural communities are struggling, agricultural practices damage the environment and the public is still not guaranteed a safe, delicious, equitable, quality food system. While there are examples of small, successful models of sustainable food system practices, no detailed vision or plan exists on how to transition the whole system. The Vivid Picture project, funded by the Roots of Change Fund, is designed to generate such a blueprint for a sustainable food system, and a change agenda to achieve the vision. Specifically, the goals for the project include development of:

1. A Vivid Picture

Create a comprehensive vision for a sustainable food system for California that addresses multiple aspects of the system including: a. Access to quality food for all people in California; b. Economic vitality for regional producers, manufacturers, distributors and purveyors; c. Personal health, well being and community building through food and nutrition; d. Natural resources used well and fairly so that their usefulness can be maintained in perpetuity; e. Enhancement of regional and cultural identities throughout California.

2. A Change Agenda

Develop a change agenda that identifies policies, economic plans, and/or communication programs that can shift the entire system or entire components of the system. These change items will do more than provide for demonstration programs. They will change the game. These strategies will be tested and evaluate for viability and impact, identifying those that provide maximum leverage.

3. Impact Analysis Tools

Analysis tools will be built to measure impact of sample change agenda items, including landscape scale considerations and performance of the indicators. These tools will be updateable, for use by funders, decision makers and communities.

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Mike Mertens
Director of Spatial Analysis and GIS Manager
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