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Groundfish Fleet Restructuring (GFR) - A Systems View

As part of the Groundfish Fleet Restructuring Information and Analysis Project, we are trying to understand what makes the fishery as a whole "tick" and how it relates to the natural environment as well as coastal communities. Based on input from our advisory council, we have developed a conceptual model for the fishery system, which now forms the basis for an exploratory dynamic model we are building with collaborators at Portland State University. This model will guide our analysis of various fleet reduction scenarios and how we might expect these to affect human and natural systems.

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The Ecotrust/Pacific Marine Conservation Council Team

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The Pacific Fishery Management Council provides information specific to groundfish management.

The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission provides commercial, recreational, and economic data.

The Northwest Regional Office of the National Marine Fisheries Service provides links to current groundfish regulations and management measures such as the groundfish fishery management plan.

"Commercial Fisheries Data Collection Procedures for US Pacific Coast Groundfish" details the process of groundfish data collection.

The October 2000 Groundfish Fishery Strategic Plan "Transition to Sustainability" is available through the Pacific Fishery Management Council website as a pdf.

A view of the groundfish fishery system.


Edward Backus
Vice President,
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Charles Steinback
Director of Marine Planning
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