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Knowledge Systems is the informational toolkit for Salmon Nation, housing the organization's analytical, technical, and map-making capacities. By integrating ecological and economic information into sophisticated analyses and compelling, map-based outputs, Knowledge Systems builds a data-rich foundation for the Salmon Nation vision.

The work of Knowledge Systems includes reporting, planning, and visioning:

An output of Knowledge Systems work is the transformation of Ecotrust's intellectual capital into a series of stand-alone toolkits for assessing and monitoring the state of the bioregion and envisioning new market infrastructures within it. The first of these toolkits — the Ocean Communities 3E Analysis Network (OCEAN) — grew out of our groundfish work and allows users to apply a spatial lens to fisheries management. Complementary toolkits for the food & farms and forestry sectors are now in development.

By necessity, Ecotrust efforts are focused among a specific range of constituencies and sectors: Indigenous Affairs, Fisheries, Forests, and Food & Farms. Yet, it is at the integration of these components that we attain the greatest progress toward building Salmon Nation. Enabling this integration is also a key goal of Ecotrust Knowledge Systems.


Dalhousie University
Information Center for the Environment
Oregon State University
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
San Diego Supercomputer Center
Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology
University of California

Spatial analysis and maps are made possible by a generous donation from Esri

Our Work

Ecotrust Consulting Initiatives

Marine Consulting Initiatives

A Landowner's Guide to Forest Carbon Offsets


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An online atlas for the temperate rain forest / Pacific salmon region of North America

Working Paper Series
A series integrating ecological and socioeconomic data to envision a more reliable prosperity for the region’s citizens

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Joint Management Plan Review
In 2005, Ecotrust helped California National Marine Sanctuaries to collect, compile and analyze socioeconomic information about area commercial and recreational fisheries.

Conservation GIS Starter Kit
Learn GIS! This introduction to GIS is a standalone progam of instruction for learning the basics of GIS technology in relation to conservation and environmental issues

The Map Desk
Ecotrust's extensive GIS and mapping capabilities provide critical support for both short-term projects and long-term operations. For more information, .


Kristen Sheeran
Vice President,
Knowledge Systems
Economics for Equity and the Environment Network (E3)
tel: 503.467.0811
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Mike Mertens
Director of Spatial Analysis and GIS Manager
tel: 503.467.0775
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