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The Conservation GIS Starter Kit

ARCView screenshotThe Conservation GIS Starter Kit is a stand alone program of instruction for learning the basics of GIS technology in relation to conservation and environmental issues. Packed with practical information, the kit begins by showing how conservation campaigns can use GIS and then provides a simple introduction to GIS and a quick start guide to ArcView GIS software.

The Kit includes numerous case studies involving issues such as habitat loss and timber sale analysis, and provides extensive links to resources for collecting GIS data. This stand-alone introduction to GIS includes a CD-ROM and is ideal for conservation groups or individuals that are beginning to use the power of GIS.

The GIS Starter Kit is used together with ArcView software. ArcView is the simple yet powerful GIS software produced by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). ArcView allows users to visualize and analyze geographic data with an ease of use comparable to popular database and graphic software programs. We ourselves use ArcView and recommend its use to conservationists. ArcView's adoption of the industry's GIS standard, Arc/Info, allows it to utilize a wide variety of geographic data.

Conservation GIS Starter Kit Table of Contents

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The Conservation GIS Starter Kit includes a textbook and CD-ROM
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Order online from ESRI or over the phone, 800.447.9778
The Conservation GIS Starter Kit is ESRI product #92492


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