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Astrid Scholz Astrid Scholz Vice President of Knowledge Systems, Ecotrust - An ecological economist by training, Astrid is responsible for managing Ecotrust's Knowledge Systems, the organization's analytical, technical and cartographic capacities. The group develops spatially explicit tools, models and analyses for bioregional sector programs in fisheries, forestry, food and farm and Native cultures that integrate the economic, ecological and social equity dimensions of natural resources. Download vCard Astrid Scholz CV

Ulf SonessonUlf Sonesson Senior Scientist, Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (SIK) - Ulf holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Systems Analysis from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. He is senior scientist at SIK, Department of Environment and Process Engineering, where he also acts as a research coordinator. His research focuses on development of Life Cycle Methodology for food systems and environmental impact of technological development within food industries. A second research area is analyses of future food systems by use of scenario techniques.

Peter Tyedmers and son Peter Tyedmers Assistant Professor and Academic Programme Coordinator, School for Resource and Environmental Studies Dalhousie University - Peter Tyedmers is an ecological economist whose research primarily explores the biophysical sustainability of food production systems. He earned his Ph.D. from the Resource Management and Environmental Studies program at the University of British Columbia where he compared the biophysical costs of the salmon fishing and farming in British Columbia, Canada. Examples of ongoing research activities include evaluating the energy performance of commercial fisheries around the world, the dependence of aquaculture on capture fisheries resources using trophic models and the environmental consequences of alternative livestock and seafood production systems using life-cycle assessment.


Nathan Ayer Nathan Ayer Masters of Environmental Studies candidate, Dalhousie University - Nathan has a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Allison University with a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in Economics. Nathan's Masters research focuses on the use of life cycle assessment to evaluate the environmental impacts of land-based aquaculture systems and to look for opportunities to improve their efficiency and environmental performance.

Anna Flysjö Anna Flysjö LCA consultant, Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (SIK) - Anna is a graduate from Göteborg University in Environmental Science and works primarily with life cycle assessment (LCA) at SIK. She also has been working with integrating socioeconomic aspects in LCA for different agro-food chains from Central America.

Sarah Kruse Sarah Kruse Staff Economist, Ecotrust - Trained as an environmental/natural resource economist, Sarah works to integrate ecologic, economic and social dimensions and analyze issues in this interdisciplinary framework. She specializes in non-market valuation, socioeconomic assessments and survey design/analysis. A recent graduate of the Ohio State University, she also spent time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay. Download vCard Sarah Kruse CV

Mike Mertens Mike Mertens Director of Spatial Analysis and GIS Manager, Ecotrust - Mike has has over 10 years of experience in using GIS specific to various aspects of spatial data analysis and geographic information science, ranging from exploratory spatial data analysis to remote sensing, spatial statistics, and development of spatially based simulation tools with substantive applications in environmental sciences, environmental economics and natural resource planning.

Katarina Nilsson Katarina Nilsson Researcher, Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (SIK) - Katarina is trained as a biologist and earned her Ph.D. in Food Science at the Technical University of Chalmers in Gothenburg. She has 10 years of experience working in various research and development projects with the food industry. Her expertise is fish as food; quality changes due to different treatment in the food product chain.

Nathan Pelletier Nathan Pelletier Graduate Student Researcher, Dalhousie University - A first year Master of Environmental Studies student Nathan is drawing together information for a life-cycle assessment of salmonid aquafeeds and also hopes to model several organic production scenarios for net-cage salmon aquaculture. Nathan has a double major undergraduate degree in Biology and Environmental Studies and has held policy/management positions with the BC government, the last of which was coordinating a multi-stakeholder process to develop organic standards for aquaculture. Nathan's longer term interests include proficiency in applying LCA and other tools appropriate for comparative analysis of alternative production systems and exploration of various questions surrounding the use of labelling as a driver in sustainable development of aquaculture.

Howard Silverman Howard Silverman Senior Writer and Analyst, Ecotrust - Since 1999, Howard has guided the development of Ecotrust communications and publications in a wide variety of media. He provides strategic support in creative direction, messaging, editing, writing, and public engagement. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Friederike Ziegler Friederike Ziegler Marine Biologist, Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (SIK) - Friederike is working on an environmental assessment of seafood with a life-cycle perspective researching fuel consumption and emissions in Swedish cod fisheries by different fishing gear (trawls and gillnets) and a full cradle-to-grave LCA of a frozen cod product. She also focused on methodological development and has studied the seabed impact of mobile fishing gear on Swedish fishing grounds in relation to the disturbance frequency and the habitat type impacted (a GIS analysis). Currently, she is finishing an LCA of Norway lobster. Friederike will defend her Ph.D. thesis in October 2006.

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Global Salmon LCA Factsheets

Aquaculture Production | A4 size (352kb pdf)

A Life Cycle of Foods | A4 size (312kb pdf)

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Phase I: NE Pacific

Phase II: NE Atlantic & Chile

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Impact categories for life cycle assessment research of seafood production systems, Pelletier et al. (paper)

Life Cycle Considerations for Improving Sustainability Assessments in Seafood Awareness Campaigns, Pelletier and Tyedmers (paper)

Feeding farmed salmon: Is organic better?, Pelletier and Tyedmers (paper)

Assessing alternative aquaculture technologies, Ayer and Tyedmers (paper)

Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Salmon Fisheries and Aquaculture in the North-East Pacific (70kb pdf)

Life-Cycle Based Research in Food and Agriculture, Sonneson (356kb pdf)

Socioeconomic Indicators as a Complement to Life Cycle Assessment, Kruse (slideshare)


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