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Monitoring California’s Marine Protected Areas

Following the establishment of marine protected areas (MPAs) along California's Coast, Ecotrust in partnerships with Natural Equity established the Monitoring Human Uses and Values project to better understand the influence of MPAs on human activities. Currently, our work spans across three regions in California: the North Central, Central, and South Coast regions which extends from Alder Creek, near Point Arena in Mendocino County, to the Mexico border in the south. In these regions we are researching consumptive (e.g., commercial fishing, recreational fishing, charter fishing) and non-consumptive (e.g., diving, kayaking, whale watching, beach walking) uses. This project is a part of several projects that comprise the MPA Baseline Program developed by the MPA Monitoring Enterprise, a program of the California Ocean Science Trust, in collaboration with the California Ocean Protection Council (OPC), California Department of Fish and Game, and California Sea Grant.

The objectives of this research are to:

  1. A spatial and socioeconomic baseline characterization of select commercial fisheries and the commercial passenger fishing vessel (CPFV) fleet;
  2. Provide spatial and demographic baseline estimates of coastal recreation economic activity;
  3. Describe the initial responses of ocean/coastal user communities to the MPAs; and
  4. Inform the planning and implementation of long-term monitoring, in order to understand the causal links between ecosystem features, socioeconomic changes, and the implementation of MPAs.

Summary of Key Themes - Small Group Discussions with Commercial Fleet to Review Socioeconomic Data Collection (Summer 2013)

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MPA Baseline Monitoring - Commercial Fishery Questionnaire (2013)

Fisheries Uses and Values Project - Commercial Fishery Questionnaire (2008)

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Monitoring Fisheries Uses and Values along the Central Coast of California (11/30/11) (100kb PDF)

Monitoring Fisheries Uses and Values in the South Coast of California (3/13/12) (80kb PDF)

Monitoring Human Uses and Values along the North Central Coast of California (172kb PDF)

Establishing a Baseline and Assessing Spatial and Socioeconomic Change in the California Central Coast Commercial and CPFV Fisheries (12.1mb PDF) Executive Summary (6.6mb PDF) | Appendix A (5.9mb PDF)


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