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The Oregonian
September 24, 2006
By Randy Gragg

Two eras, two views

"Initially I didn't get the sustainability thing. I mean, I'm from Atlanta. What's a salmon-friendly building? I literally had images of fish running through locks. I couldn't see how it integrated. I didn't want someone in 10 years asking, 'What's all this environmental stuff?'

"For me the 'ah-ha!' moment was seeing the Ecotrust building (headquarters for the ecological activist organization, Ecotrust, at Northwest Ninth Avenue and Irving Street). I loved the feel. A big goal with our new theater was to feel like a Portland, Oregon, building. I didn't want people to walk in and feel like they were in Chicago. We were also trying to figure out how to reinvent Center Stage's relationship with the community. In a city that cares more about sustainability than any city in the world, what better way than to do things like capture the rain to flush the toilets!

"I suddenly realized none of the sustainability stuff was in conflict. It was going to help us achieve the larger goal." Chris Coleman, artistic director, Portland Center Stage, 2006 "Unhappily the United States have become the receptacle of the offscourings of the earth. Paupers are shipped from foreign ports to our shores and fugitives from justice find here a city of refuge. Communists, socialists and nihilists — the enemies of God and man — are swarming from all parts of Europe to this free land, and with diabolical zeal are working up an organized hostility to the reign of law and the rights of property. To meet any possible contingency that may arise out of this state of things, it is proper, if not necessary, that law-abiding citizens should organize themselves into armed and trained association to uphold whenever it is imperiled, the cause of law and order. Our experience with the motley crowd of Europeans and Asiatics flocking to this country may demonstrate the truth of that declaration in the federal constitution that a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state…

"This armory ought to be as sacred to good morals as religion is to a church. To indicate the character of this building above its loftiest tower will float the flag of the United States." — Judge George H. Williams, a promoter of the Armory, speaking to a crowd of more than 2,200 at the building's cornerstone ceremony, 1887

-- Randy Gragg

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