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May/June, 2008
By Spencer Beebe

Restoring Natural Flow

An environmentalist's vision of what nations could be

Imagine a world map where the boundaries drawn are based on nature. No more nation-states defined by politics. Or economics. Or the military. Or the military-industrial complex. What kind of a world would you dream up? Who would make up your community? How would its declaration of interdependence read? Who would rule — and why? What kind of flag would fly? What goods and services would you produce? To what spirits would you pray? What would the inhabitants say about how to live honorably?

The need for a new dream is now. We know the industrial economy is becoming obsolete; it is an artifact of cheap oil. That party is over. We also know the current system is broken. The United States of America, as it is now formed, is too powerful, too rich, and too destructive. This is a wild and rash overgeneralization that will be offensive to many people, but maybe we need to hear that it’s okay to give up hope for our nation and the industrial political economic system upon which it stands. Rather than continuing to react to the symptoms of a dying system, why not seize the initiative and allow ourselves to be guided by a bolder vision than we ever have dared to imagine? We have to. Everything about our circumstances and survival is changing in the face of global heating — that’s what James Lovelock calls it. Global “warming” is far too gentle and benign a term.

— Spencer Beebe

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