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The North Pacific Fisheries Trust, a 509(a)(3) non-profit subsidiary of Ecotrust, supports the efforts of coastal communities and local fishing families. It provides financing and makes investments in qualified buyers, community organizations, quota entities, and businesses that share and meet strong community equity, ecosystem conservation, and economic development
goals. The trust supports:

The trust helps community members acquire and manage the assets necessary to support these goals; those assets include licenses, permits, quotas, and distribution rights. The trust lends capital at favorable rates and terms to help communities thrive.

Community Quota Entities (CQEs)

At the heart of the trust's strategy is pursuing long-term funding relationships with qualified Community Quota Entities (CQEs) in the Gulf of Alaska. Due to the start-up nature of the CQE program and its participants, access to capital for the purchase of individual fishing quota (IFQ) is fairly limited at this time. The trust intends to bring its sizeable financial resources and its success in similar markets to bear on the CQE marketplace as an avenue to spur market development.

The NPFT has a flexible designed the program for CQEs. The program offers:

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North Pacific Fisheries Trust

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Catch Shares


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