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Place Matters: Errata

Page 9: Last line should reference Figure 1.7, page 56 (not Figure 1.5, page 55)

Page 10: 5th line up should reference Figure 1.5, page 55 (not Figure 1.7, page 56).

Page 11: 4th line should reference Figure 1.5, page 55 (not Figure 1.7).

Color Plates Figure 1.5 and 1.7 have exchanged captions. The correct captions are

Figure 1.5. Data Integration: diversity hot spots (top 20%) for fish and marine birds. Coastal kelp bed areas are also shown.

Figure 1.7. Potential distribution of habitat suitability for adult and juvenile Dover sole. Map inset contains validation statistics, and Suitability Index values for bathymetry and substrate are displayed below the maps.

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