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Falldown: Forest Policy in British Columbia

Falldown cover
"Falldown is the one book today that should be mandatory reading for all British Columbians."
—The Vancouver Sun

Falldown provides an in-depth report on the implementation and failures of the forest tenure system that defines rights to extract timber from the public forests of British Columbia. Illustrated by Ecotrust Canada's sophisticated mapping capabilities and sprinkled with numerous graphs, the book analyzes mill capacities, employment trends, First Nations treaty rights, and the real costs of liquidating old-growth forests. Reform proposals offered by each of the interested parties are discussed in detail.

"The 'falldown effect,' the decline in timber production as the old growth is depleted, is promoted as if it were a natural phenomenon when it is, in fact, a stunning admission that the forests have been drastically over cut every year since modern forestry was implemented in the 1940s."
—from the forward by Dr. Wade Davis

Excerpts from the Executive Summary:

overcut map
Overcut in British Columbia, Based on TSA and TFL Data, one of the maps published in Falldown, is available on Inforain.

Chapter List
1. What Is the Forest Tenure System?
2. The Disappearing Forest Cover
3. Government Policies
4. Companies and Markets
5. Employment
6. Nations and Communities
7. Participants' Proposals for Reform
8. Recommendations for Change
*. Bibliography
*. Appendices

Professor Patricia Marchak is President of the Humanities and Social Sciences Academy of the Royal Society of Canada, a member of the B.C. Forest Appeals Commission, and member of the Board of Governors, the University of British Columbia. She is the author of numerous books and articles on forestry, fisheries, and political economy.

Falldown: Forest Policy in British Columbia
198 pages
© 1999 Ecotrust Canada and the Suzuki Foundation, CAN$25
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