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Guide to Local and Seasonal Products

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For fishermen, farmers and ranchers alike, well-used, dog-eared copies of the Guide — used to both buy and sell product — have become an indispensable part of doing business in the Pacific Northwest. The Guide to Local and Seasonal Products matches farmers, ranchers, and fishermen with chefs, retailers, institutions, caterers, and other food buyers with an interest in purchasing local products.

Participating producers are categorized by the products they sell as well as listed alphabetically. This makes it easy for buyers to look up a product, such as beets or salmon, and then cross reference the index to obtain contact information and details about a seller's product. The buyers listed in the Guide are pre-qualified as having an interest in buying directly from local farmers, ranchers and fishermen. Let the buying and selling begin!

And new in 2007-2008, the Guide includes listings for public school food service directors so that interested producers can tap the growing "farm-to-school" market.

To update your record, add a new one, or search the Guide at any time, please visit www.farmerchefconnection.org.

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2007-2008 Guide to Local and Seasonal Products (for Oregon and Washington)
300+ farmer, rancher and fishermen listings along with 250+ food buyer listings
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