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Ecotrust: Fresh Thinking


Fresh ThinkingEcotrust was founded in 1991 by a group of diverse people to address global challenge in the coastal temperate rain forests of North America from Alaska to California. At the time, opportunities at the intersection of social, economic and environmental health — sometimes called “the triple bottom line” — were little understood. For almost twenty years, we have worked with growing numbers of partners to create, capitalize and catalyze social, economic and environmental innovation — to establish tangible examples of success and share them with the world.

Like many entrepreneurs, we learned as we earned.

We partnered to establish the world’s first environmental bank, created a leading example of green building and nourished a $20 million trade network in regional foods.

These initiatives are icons of the region’s transition to a more reliable prosperity. And these stories are among the many that exemplify Ecotrust’s commitment to “fresh thinking.”

Ecotrust: Fresh Thinking
7 x 10 inches, 24 pages
Download Fresh Thinking brochure (1.6mb pdf)

This publication was printed on New Leaf Imagination 100 paper, a 100% recycled fiber stock that is FSC-certified and manufactured entirely with renewable energy. Ecotrust saved the following resources by using this paper: 10 fully grown trees | 4,335 gallons of water | 7 million BTU energy | 480 pounds solid waste | 947 pounds greenhouse gases.

Writer: Spencer B. Beebe • Design: Melissa Tatge • Photo research: Andrew Fuller

Photos: cover Pat O'Hara • inside front cover Sam Beebe • 2, 4, 12, 14, 16, 18 Spencer B. Beebe • 4 Andrew Fuller • 6 Jen Marlow • 8 Rachael Torchia • 9 Roots of Change Council • 10 Walter Bibikow • 11 Cordell Bank Expeditions • inside back cover Charles Steinback • back cover Analisa Gunnell McKay


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