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Klamath Heartlands: A Guide to the Klamath Reservation Forest Plan

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"The Klamath Tribes have developed a remarkable plan to restore the forests of their historic Reservation. Klamath Heartlands tells their story in a compelling way."
—Mark O. Hatfield
U.S. Senator, Oregon (retired)

Klamath Heartlands introduces the unique-in-the-nation plan by the Klamath Tribes of southern Oregon to restore the "remembered forest" of their former reservation, an area that former Oregon governor Tom McCall called "the greatest single stand of ponderosa pines to be found anywhere in the West."

The book presents the findings and recommendations of the "Plan for the Klamath Tribes' Management of the Klamath Reservation Forest" developed by a team of leading forest scientists in partnership with the Klamath Tribes. This landmark plan is central to the Tribes' efforts to regain the 680,000-acre reservation they lost as a consequence of the federal policy of termination in 1954.

Klamath Heartlands combines photographs, maps, and text in a sturdy and engaging field guide. A series of fold-out and fold-up map pages leads each reader into the forest itself to discover the Tribes' vision and the significance of achieving it.

Klamath Heartlands offers readers who care about forests, natural history, and the history of Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest a vision of ecological and cultural restoration that can change the way we think about western forests.

Chapter List:

  1. Vision
    - The Remembered Forest
    - A Tribal Vision
  2. History
    - Treaty and Reservation Period (1864–1954)
    - The Klamath Forest Since Termination
  3. Restoration
    - Overview
    - Ponderosa Pine
    - Mixed Conifer
    - Lodgepole Pine
    - Special Areas
  4. Reconnection
    - A Forest Restored
    - Reconnection to a Tribal Homeland

Klamath Heartlands: A Guide to the Reservation Forest Plan
5 x 7 inches, 56 pages
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