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The Rain Forests of Home: Profile of a North American Bioregion

The Rain Forests of Home: Profile cover
"A rich and finely-wrought tapestry, The Rain Forests of Home grows on you like the dripping, misty landscape it profiles. Buy this book. Take it home. Read it when the rains come. It will help you to love them."
— Alan Durning, Northwest Environment Watch

Containing over a hundred maps, graphs, tables and photographs, The Rain Forests of Home: Profile of a North American Bioregion presents a diverse portrait of the natural and human forces which have shaped and are still shaping the coastal temperate rain forest. Fifteen chapters, each fully referenced, survey the region from the perspectives of the fields of oceanography, climatology, geology, biology, ecology, history, and sociology. Interspersed are sections profiling the people, organizations and communities that are striving to cope, in a sustainable way, with the patterns of change that surround us. These cases highlight some of the most innovative socioenvironmental experiments unfolding in North America and reflect a growing sense that the principles of environmental stewardship will emerge largely through practice.

The future of the coastal temperate rain forest requires professionals, citizens, and communities to become more deeply involved in management of natural resources, and we have not figured out how to make that happen without rancor. The interdisciplinary approach exemplified by this book, in which natural and social science perspectives are brought to bear on common challenges, offers a place to begin.

— from the Foreword by M. Patricia Marchak and Jerry F. Franklin

Chapter List (not including "Concepts in Action" case studies):

  1. Oceanography of the Eastern North Pacific by David K. Salmon
  2. Climate of the Coastal Temperate Rain Forest by Kelly Redmond and George Taylor
  3. The Influence of Geological Processes on Ecological Systems by David R. Montgomery
  4. Vegetation from Ridgetop to Seashore by Paul Alaback and Jim Pojar
  5. Terrestial Vertebrates by Fred L. Bunnell and Ann C. Chan-McLeod
  6. Streams and Rivers: Their Physical and Biological Variability by Robert J. Naiman and Eric C. Anderson
  7. The Terrestrial/Marine Ecotone by Charles A. Simenstad, Megan Dethier, Colin Levings, and Douglas Hay
  8. Pacific Salmon: Life Histories, Diversity, Productivity by Willa Nehlsen and James A. Lichatowich<
  9. Environmental Historyby Richard J Hebda and Cathy Whitlock
  10. Pre-European History by Wayne Suttles and Kenneth Ames
  11. Traditional Ecological Knowledge by Nancy J. Turner
  12. "The Great Raincoast": The Legacy of European Settlement by William G Robbins
  13. Economic and Demographic Transitions on the Oregon Coast by Hans D. Radtke, Shannon W. Davis, Rebecca L. Johnson, and Kreg Lindberg
  14. From Ecosystem Dynamics to Ecosystem Managementby Ken Lertzman, Tom Spies, and Fred Swanson
  15. A Vision for Conservation-based Development in the Rain Forests of Home by Peter K. Schoonmaker, Bettina von Hagen, and Erin L. Kellogg

The Rain Forests of Home: Profile of a North American Bioregion
431 pages
© 1997 Island Press, $27.00 + shipping

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