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Renewing Salmon Nation's Food Traditions

Renewing Salmon Nation's Food Traditions cover
"The dedication of the RAFT consortium teaches us that with effort, education and optimism, endangered foods and food traditions can be revitalized, sustained and, just as importantly, savored."
—Devon Mihesuah
author of Recovering Our Ancestors’ Gardens: Indigenous Recipes and Guide to Diet and Fitness

Renewing Salmon Nation’s Food Traditions describes a treasure trove of regional plants and species — some at risk, others recovering. We hope that it can serve as both a reference guide and a historical inventory of species that were once abundant in Salmon Nation.

At the back, this handbook also features a resource guide — a listing of nurseries and seed companies serving the region. With this information in hand, it is up to us to bring these fruits, vegetables, herbs, and shellfish back into widespread cultivation. Farmers can help by growing these varieties, and chefs and retailers can join in by featuring them on restaurant menus and at grocery store.

From the foreword by
Debra Sohm Lawson, Director of Food and Farms Market Connections, Ecotrust

I. Domesticated Crops
II. Seafoods
III. WildFoods

Renewing Salmon Nation's Food Traditions
7 x 8½ inches, 66 pages, ISBN 0-9779332-0-2
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