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SectionZ: Making Our Economy Safe for People and Nature

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Six issues of SectionZ are online at www.sectionz.info.

In February 2003, 340,000 readers of four newspapers in Portland and San Francisco were prodded to wonder “What lurks behind that farmed salmon steak?” In April these same readers began to consider, "What's the real price of a gallon of gas?" SectionZ is a new publication from Ecotrust that hopes to startle its audience into looking twice at (and thinking three times about) the ideas that shape our world.

Humorous, jargon-friendly and chock-full of comics, SectionZ tells the story of the forces that underlie our transition to a more sustainable economy. Each issue will gently focus on a specific economic sector and will demonstrate how our readers’ choices as citizens and consumers can redefine the region we call home. SectionZ is, in the words of its tagline: Making Our Economy Safe for People and Nature.

Ecotrust is committed to building a constituency of people who support, through their political efforts and customer choices, a Conservation Economy. Organized into Indigenous Affairs, Fishing, Forests, and Foods/Farms program areas, Ecotrust works at key economic leverage points to facilitate a transition to a more sustainable future throughout our region.

SectionZ is one component of our “Citizenship” program area. We believe “societies do what societies think,” and are working to invigorate a tipping point’s collection of citizens who cherish the environment and want to live in a place where economic, ecological and social conditions are improving, a place where a Conservation Economy is emerging.

SectionZ was distributed in the Oregonian, the Willamette Week, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian.


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