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A Tale of Two Tomatoes

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Buy local and live free.

The food industry is consolidating at an alarming rate. The top companies producing meats, grains, and other staples now enjoy virtual control over the markets for their products. It's gotten to the point where much of our nourishment depends on a handful of giants. And they're shipping foods an average of 1,500 miles to reach your plate, a practice that strains anyone's notion of "fresh."

But a quiet revolution is in the air, and we the eaters hold the power for change. Retailers are posting more information about where our food is raised. And new ways of buying direct — like farmers' markets — are providing us with tastier and more diverse choices.

Let's take a look at this shift by following a tale of two tomatoes — Traveling Tom and Local Lucy. We'll see the deep problems that the industrial system is causing. We'll also see how some family and organic farmers are raising healthier foods locally — a revolution that will benefit all of us.

Take the trip with Local Lucy and Travelin' Tom via SalmonNation.com


A Tale of Two Tomatoes
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