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These web sites feature the work of our programs and projects.

Aboriginal Mapping Network
A cooperative website maintained by Ecotrust Canada to support indigenous peoples in facing issues such as land claims, treaty negotiations and resource development.

Building Local Food Networks
A peer-to-peer forum for food system organizers. It's a place to exchange ideas with organizers like yourself that are working to establish local food networks around the country and the world.

E3 Network
We are economists who are troubled by environmental and social injustice. In order to change what is wrong with the economy, we must change what is wrong with economics as it is currently taught and practiced.

Eat Local Challenge
Challenge yourself to eating locally. Learn about seasonal product availability for Oregon. Track your progress and share.

Edible Portland
A resource that makes eating, growing, and enjoying our local abundance an everyday pleasure. Edible Portland serves the greater Portland metropolitan area, including Hood River and the Willamette Valley.

Farmer Chef Connection
Organizer of local networking events that bring together farmers, ranchers, and fishermen with the chefs, grocers and buyers for a drect market of local foods.

Now there's a place where food buyers and sellers can connect over local food.

Ecotrust's GIS portfolio, a network of information allowing users to achieve a deeper understanding of their local watersheds, estuaries and forests as well as a broader comprehension of these places within a bioregional context.

A web-based tool for open and participatory spatial planning in the marine environment. MarineMap offers a simple, flexible and powerful means of gathering expertise from resource managers, scientists, stakeholders and public in a process of collaborative decision making.

Pacific Watersheds
The Pacific Coast Watershed Partnership works on restoration at a landscape scale across multiple ownership boundaries from the Canadian to the California border. The partnership functions as a "learning network" as knowledge and experience gained in one community is linked to others in the region.

People and Place
Part blog, part edited journal, People and Place brings together guest writers to examine “ideas that connect us.”

Real Climate Economics
A reader’s guide to the a reader’s guide to the real economics of climate change. Peer-reviewed literature demonstrates that there is rigorous economic support for immediate, large-scale policy responses to the climate crisis.

Reliable Prosperity
Explore the patterns of reliable prosperity. Together, these building blocks form a pattern language that can be used as a planning and management tool at all levels of scale, both in this bioregion and beyond. (formerly ConservationEconomy.net)

Salmon Nation
A place, a state of mind, a gift. We hope you'll join us in building an economically thriving, ecologically diverse and socially equitable home for the many people and species that live here.

Chock-full of comics and fully footnoted, SectionZ presents the big ideas that are making our economy safe for people and nature. From January 2003 to April 2004, SectionZ ran as an addition to the usual newspaper sections A, B and C in San Francisco, Portland, and — with issue #6 — Seattle.

Vivid Picture
Why isn't the food system sustainable? Ecotrust worked with the Roots of Change Council to create a comprehensive vision for a sustainable food system for California, a change agenda for reaching that vision, and a set of indicators for measuring progress.

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