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Working Paper Series

Ecotrust Working Papers integrate ecological and socioeconomic data to present a more holistic view of human interactions with the natural world. Drawing upon the research and analysis of a wide range of project partners, this series presents the results of an ongoing effort to envision a more reliable prosperity for the region’s citizens.

WPS1: An Ecosystem-Based Forestry Investment Strategy for the Coastal Temperate Rainforests of North America (2.3mb pdf)
by Clark S. Binkley, Spencer B. Beebe, David A. New, Bettina von Hagen
April 7, 2006
ISBN #978-0-9779332-1-1

WPS2: Preliminary Economic Assessment of Dam Removal: The Klamath River (1.7mb pdf)
by Sarah A. Kruse, Ph.D. and Astrid J. Scholz, Ph.D.
January 31, 2006
ISBN #978-0-9779332-2-8

(WPS3: Ecological and Biological Impacts of Salmon Production: State of the Science of Capture and Culture Fisheries Systems in the Northeast Pacific) - revised edition coming soon
by Jennifer Ford
November 7, 2007
ISBN #978-0-9779332-3-5

WPS4: Market Design for Limited Access Privileges Programs in U.S. Fisheries: Proceedings of a workshop organized by Ecotrust (Oct 3–4, 2007) (2.3mb pdf)
November 2007
ISBN #978-0-9779332-4-2

WPS5: The Value of Lake Adjacency: A Hedonic Pricing Analysis on the Klamath River, California (2.4mb pdf)
February 2009
ISBN #978-0-9779332-7-3

WPS6: FAIR CATCH: Ten ways to improve the catch share proposal for the West Coast trawl fishery (5.1mb pdf)
by Eric Enno Tamm, Edward Backus, Megan Mackey, Astrid Scholz, Ph.D.
June 8, 2010
ISBN #978-0-9779332-6-6


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